Track Your Hipstory Order

Thank you for your purchase from Hipstory! Your unique items are on their way, and we can't wait for you to receive them.

How to Track Your Order

Check Your Email:

You've received an email from us containing your tracking number. Simply click on the tracking number in the email to view the real-time shipping status of your order.

What to Do Next

Haven't Received Your Order?

If the tracking information states that your order has been delivered but you haven't received it, please contact us at info@hipstoryshop.com. Each case will be individually investigated.

Experiencing Delays?

If your order seems to be taking longer than expected, please contact us at info@hipstoryshop.com.

Further Questions?

For any additional questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to us via email at info@hipstoryshop.com.